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This is a GRI project. Hosting generously provided by The Data Well. The project technology versatilist is R. Josh Quarles. I.T. project management by Green Robe Industries. Travel consultation and recommendations from The Globe Blogger. Quirky copy by That Little Redheaded Girl and travel photography by Nosilver.


Twelve years is a long time. Even longer in the realm of the internets and its various tubes. The king of browsers, Netscape, has come and gone. As have some of the search engines that we once relied on every day. In their place, Firefox has revolutionized browsing just as Google has done for search. The time has come for to be reborn. Long the victim of other projects and the mad frenzy of building out this great Internet for our clients rather than ourselves, the cobbler's children will finally get their new shoes. We here at
R. Josh Quarles Photography & Web Design as well as The Versatilist Web Technology Group thank you for the great response you've given us over the course of the last twelve years, and we look forward to being the place that you turn to for all your problem solving Internet technologies for the next twelve years and beyond. will soon reboot, stand by for the next revolution.

A note on email: I try to answer every email. As a rule, I schedule four hours every night in an attempt to handle the backlog. That being said, I'm still WAY behind. If you have sent an email to nosilver at please be patient. I'm trying to work through all your correspondence. If you are in a hurry try calling me first, +1.913.522.8991, if that doesn't work, try sending a carrier pigeon. I'm also always scanning the horizon for smoke signals.

Please Stand By... Reboot R. Josh Quarles Photography & Web Design as well as The Versatilist Web Technology Group